About the Principal Designer


Interior Designer:
Adetumi Uzonwanne

Tumi Uzonwanne had her 1st degree in Geography & Regional planning at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. Then her second degree as a graduate of Business Economics In UK. Upon graduation, she further trained and specialised as an Oracle systems developer for some years and her career progressed as a Business systems Analyst with many years experience and expertise consulting for various financial companies in the UK. At the age of 29, she left the office world behind to pursue her dreams as an Interior Designer in 2002.

Tumi has over 17years project management experience in her own practice as an Interior designer and has won various awards, one of which is The Nigerian Achievers Awards UK and many more awards as an Interior designer in Nigeria. She owns Intèrieurs Etc and Mon Intèrieurs


In line with our quality control policy at Intérieurs Etc, we apply very stringent rules in relations to staff working etiquette and quality of materials utilized for all aspects of work


We do what we love and deeply passionate about. Our passion for creativity and excellence is what you find reflected in all aspects of our operations at Intérieurs Etc.


Imagine what it will be and feel like if you are able to translate your creative dreams into reality; well, this is what we do best at Intérieurs Etc.